Gangadolla Priyanka, P. Suresh Kumar


Every individual vehicle is outfitted with special RF identification (RFID) tag (placed in a proper location), that makes it impossible to get rid of or destroy. We use RFID readers, NSK EDK-125-TTL, and PIC16F877A system-on-nick to see the RFID tags connected to the vehicle. This paper presents a smart traffic control system to pass through emergency automobiles easily. It counts quantity of automobiles that passes on the particular path throughout a specified duration. Additionally, it determines the network congestion, and therefore the eco-friendly light duration for your path. The prototype was examined under different mixtures of inputs within our wireless communication laboratory and experimental outcome was found not surprisingly. When the RFID-tag-read goes towards the stolen vehicle, a message is distributed using GSM SIM300 towards the police control room. Additionally, when an ambulance is approaching the junction, it'll communicate towards the traffic controller within the junction to show around the eco-friendly light. This module uses ZigBee modules on CC2500 and PIC16F877A system-on-nick for wireless communications between your ambulance and traffic controller.


Zigbee; GSM; Ambulance Vehicle; Stolen Vehicle; Congestion Control; Traffic Junction;


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