D. Sangeetha, Y. Prasanna


There have been several studies regarding load balancing for cloud setting. Balancing of load inside the cloud product is still a manuscript problem that generally requires novel techniques to get used to numerous changes. Good balancing of load helps make the system of cloud computing more ingenious and will get better approval of user. Several techniques were coded in improvisation of existing solutions to sort out novel problems. We advise a much better load balance structure for public cloud that is dependent on cloud partitioning idea with a switch mechanism to pick various methods for various conditions. Load balancing is on foundation of cloud partitioning idea and partitioning of cloud can be used to handle huge cloud. The burden balancing recognized within our jobs are intended at public cloud which consists of several nodes by distributed sources of computing in several geographic locations.


Cloud Computing; Load Balancing; Cloud Partitioning; Public Cloud; Geographic Locations;


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