Potlacheruvu Babu, B. Babu, P. Suresh Kumar


The general structure is dependent on the AT89S52 microcontroller. Even the key role of DTMF continues to be implied by the aid of which appropriate user can control the safety options of car if it's thievery. The GPS navigation module offers the place to GSM that will further sent towards the user through message. To be able to retrieve the place of car by hand, the consumer will be sending message particularly format on GSM, that will further allows GPS navigation. It's embedded the idea of wireless communication i.e. zigbee and GSM and lots of other sensors by the aid of which immediate help could be shipped to the one who has met by having an accident. Research content uses we've got the technology of signee for that transmission of message to another vehicle within the duration of necessity of their help and for serving the mark of secure driving the functions like motorists alcohol recognition, vehicle speed slowing down and automatic vehicle lock with collision recognition can be used. These studies is essentially with a digital camera that you can use during the time of emergency while worries. The GPS navigation may also be used for locating the exact vehicle location in order that it is available if lost.


Accident; DTMF; GSM; GPS; Speed; Vehicle; Signee;


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