Shambala Shinde, K. Surekha, P. Suresh Kumar


The  fundamental  goal  of  this  system  design  is  how the  permitted user  will  send  SMS  from  his  mobile  phone  to  GSM module,  this  message  may be the  notification  to  be  placed  within the  website  database  which  is  displayed  to the monitor. To  receive  the  message  a  SIM  card  is  placed  in GSM module  and  this really is connected  to  Raspberry  Pi  through  RS232  serial  port. This paper describes a Raspberry Pi controlled SMS-Update-Notification (SUN) system. Raspberry Pi is really a charge card sized single board computer with ARMll micro-processor. Short Message Service (SMS) is among the least expensive and finest method for delivering a note from mobile. Fundamental concept of SUN product is to inform updates to folks inside a working atmosphere from approved persons at anywhere simply by SMS. This is accomplished by conjunction of GSM module with Raspberry Pi. This message is going to be read and displayed via a website on monitor by Raspberry Pi. Working process of this SUN system is simply the approved person can send SMS everywhere towards the SIM in GSM module.


Raspberry Pi; GSM Module; SMS; Database And Website;


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