V. Nagshwer, D. Chiranjeevi, Dr.Kushal Kumar, Ashrad Mohammed


This paper assists the power management and power quality the process of electric transportation and concentrates on enhancing electric vehicle load link with the grid. A transformer less hybrid series active filter is suggested to boost the ability quality in single-phase systems with critical loads. The control strategy is made to prevent current harmonic distortions of nonlinear loads to circulate in to the utility and corrects the ability factor of the later. While safeguarding sensitive loads from current disturbances, sags, and increases started through the power system, ridded from the series transformer, the configuration is beneficial to have an industrial implementation. The simulations and experimental results presented within this paper were transported on a couple-kVA laboratory prototype showing the potency of the suggested topology. This polyvalent hybrid topology permitting the harmonic isolation and compensation of current distortions could absorb or inject the auxiliary capacity to the grid. Apart from practical analysis, this paper also looks into around the influence of gains and delays within the real-time controller stability.


Current Harmonics; Electric Vehicle; Hybrid Series Active Filter (Hseaf); Power Quality; And Real-Time Control;


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