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An embedded product is a mix of hardware and software to carry out a dedicated task. A few of the primary devices utilized in embedded goods are Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. Microprocessors are generally known as general purpose processors because they simply accept the inputs, process it and provide the output. In comparison, a microcontroller not just accepts the information as inputs but additionally manipulates it, interfaces the information with assorted devices, controls the information and therefore finally provides the result. The Gps navigation and GSM based women home security system using Arduino Controller Microcontroller is definitely an exclusive project that may provide to safeguard women based on the instructions provided by the above mentioned stated microcontroller. This project uses controlled 5V, 500ma power. Unregulated 12V Electricity can be used for relay. 7805 three terminal current regulator can be used for current regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier can be used to rectify the ac creation of secondary of 230/12V step lower transformer.


Embedded System; Arduino Controller; GSM & GPS;

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