Erugu Saidulu, Dheeravath Narendra Naik, Prof J. Ranga


The suggested plan has elevated reliability, lower bandwidth dependence on the primary inverter, less expensive because of decrease in filter size, and usage of micro grid power while using the reduced electricity-link current rating for that primary inverter. This paper presents a dual current source inverter (DVSI) plan to boost the ability quality and longevity of the micro grid system. The control calculations are developed according to immediate shaped component theory (ISCT) to function DVSI in grid discussing and grid injecting modes. The proliferation of power electronics products and electrical loads with unbalanced nonlinear power has degraded the ability quality within the power distribution network these functions result in the DVSI plan an encouraging choice for micro grid offering sensitive loads. The topology and control formula are validated through extensive simulation and experimental results. The suggested plan is composed of two inverters, which allows the micro grid to switch power produced through the distributed energy sources (DERs) also to compensate the neighborhood unbalanced and nonlinear load.


Grid-Connected Inverter; Instantaneous Symmetrical Component Theory (ISCT); Micro Grid; Power Quality;


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