Mr. N. Nava Kumar, Mr. A. Arun Kumar Reddy


Cloud Technology is one of the upcoming technology where most of the organizations are migrating towards the cloud. In implementing the regular traditional system there are so many drawbacks. Nowadays every organizational system is moving towards the cloud computing to have the centralized system. Because of its features and the benefits people are showing interest in migrating their traditional application to the cloud application. Cloud computing is a technology which provides different resources on pay and use basis like software, Hard ware. Apart from these it is even offering other services like data warehouses, application logics, graphical interfaces, Recovery and security etc. All these resources can be utilized by more number of users by sharing them at different time intervals. All these resources are get shared by using the network. With the help of cloud computing without any new technology, infrastructure and the platform we can work for any sort of the business.


Cloud Computing; PaaS; SaaS; IaaS;


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