Bomidi Vinod Kumar, C Rajarajan


A explosive device explosion within or immediately nearby a structure may cause catastrophic damage around the building's exterior and internal structural frames, collapsing of walls, blowing from large expanses of home windows, and shutting lower of critical existence-safety systems. Lack of existence and injuries to occupants might result from many causes, including direct blast-effects, structural collapse, debris impact, fire, and smoke. Because of the threat from such extreme loading conditions, efforts happen to be made in the past 30 years to build up ways of structural analysis and style to face up to blast loads. Studies were conducted around the behavior of structural concrete exposed to blast loads. These studies progressively enhanced the knowledge of the function that structural details play in affecting the behavior. The response of straightforward RC posts exposed to constant axial loads and lateral blast loads were examined. The finite element package ANSYS was utilized to model RC column with various boundary conditions and taking advantage of the mesh less approach to reduce mesh distortions. For those response calculations, a continuing axial pressure was initially put on the column and also the equilibrium condition was resolute. Next, a brief duration, lateral blast load was applied and also the response time history was calculated. Case study and style of structures exposed to blast loads need a detailed knowledge of blast phenomena and also the dynamic response of numerous structural elements.


Earthquake; RC Frame; RC Columns; ANSYS; Loads


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