Thupakula Praveena, S. Avinash Kumar


The neutral current that could flow toward transformer neutral point is compensated using a four-leg current source inverter topology for shunt part. The series transformer neutral is going to be at virtual zero potential during all operating conditions. Within this simulation we take notice of the power quality problems for example unbalanced current and current, harmonics by connecting non straight line load to 3P4W system with Unified Power Quality conditioner. Within this paper presents a Style of a Unified Power Quality conditioner (UPQC) linked to three phase four wire system (3P4W). The MATLAB/Simulink based simulations are supplied the functionality from the UPQC. The neutral of series transformer utilized in the 4th wire for that 3P4W system. A brand new control strategy for example unit vector template can be used to create the series APF to balance the unbalanced current contained in the burden currents by expanding the idea of single phase P-Q theory. The P-Q theory requested balanced three phase system. And remain employed for each phase of unbalanced system individually.


Power Quality (PQ); PSCAD/EMTDC; Unified Power-Quality Conditioner (UPQC); Voltage-Source Converter (VSC);


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