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Green engineering is the commercialization, design, processes, and products which are economically feasible. It decreases pollution at the source and decreases the danger to environment and human health. It enfolds the method to save human health and environment with large impact and cost effectiveness and process development of product.

The few principles of green engineering include engineer products and processes, system analysis, integrate environmental impact. It decreases the depletion of natural resources. It produces engineering solutions with innovative sustainability. It includes stakeholders to develop engineering solutions.

Nanotechnology is the engineering system based on molecular scale. It includes the advanced methods. The technology defines capability to make products from the bottom up level with the help of techniques and tools to obtain advanced products.

The nanotechnology is also defined like a general-purpose technology because of its mature form. It provides longer lasting, built, safer, cleaner, and smarter items available for home, medicine, communications, transportation, industry, and agriculture. The nanotech provides high efficiency like electricity and computers in all aspect of life. The general-purpose technology has many commercial and military purposes like surveillance tools and weapons.

The green nanotechnology is the developed clean technologies. It decreases risks to the environment and human health with the nanotechnology products and stimulates products with new nano-products.


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