G Rajendraprasd, Dr. S Chakradhar Goud


This paper presents the design of plastic injection mould for producing a plastic product. The plastic part was designed into two different types of product, but in the same usage function. One part is using clip function and another part is using tick function. In the computer-aided design (CAD), two plastic parts were drawn in three-dimensional (3D) view by using CERO parametric software.Before proceeding to injection machine and mould design, this part was analyzed and simulated by using ANSYS 15.0. From the analysis and simulation we can define the most suitable injection location, material temperature and pressure for injection. Cap for toothpaste of 50gms taken as a case study of analysis and the runners are prepare to get the optimal design overview for gate and runner design.


Molded Cap; Unique Runner; ANSYS; CERO Software;


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