Chimakurthi Varshini Krishna, Chittem Sandeep


The machine includes a developed web-based database-driven application that facilities its management and offers helpful details about the kids to approved personal. You will find commercial systems for tracking children for example Bluetooth-based tracking devices which are created to be worn by children like a bracelet or perhaps a necklace. Public transit unit the machine can be used to identify whenever a child boards or leaves public transit. This post is conveyed towards the school unit that identifies which from the children didn't board or leave public transit and issues a reminder message accordingly. A C-program was written to switch the information between your RFID readers and also the GSM modem via a microcontroller to ensure they interfaced correctly. This paper presents a method to watch pick-up/drop-from young children to boost the security of kids throughout the daily transportation to and from school. The machine includes two primary units, a bus unit along with a school unit. The GSM modem can be used to transmit this data towards the school unit. A microcontroller can be used to interface the RFID readers using the GSM modem. Certainly one of modems is situated in public transit unit to transmit SMS containing the tag serial figures to a different GSM modem within the school unit.


Bluetooth Device; RFID; GSM; Children Safety Transportation; Bus System;


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