M. Sudhakar, Rudra Chakravarthi


An innovative low cost ‘Drunk & Drive Deterrence System’ is designed and implemented by tracking a vehicle with drunk drive from any location at any time. The system made good use of a popular technology that combines a smart phone application with a microcontroller. The in-vehicle device works using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology for tracking the intended vehicles. A PIC18F542 microcontroller used to control the Sensors, GPS and GSM modules. The drunken state of the driver is detected by an onboard alcohol detector. The GSM module is used to transmit an ALERT and update the vehicle location to the designated android mobile of law enforcing agency.  The Google Maps API have been used to display the vehicle location on the map in the Smartphone application. Thus, the developed facility enables the law enforcing agency to track the vehicle with drunken driver easily using their android based mobile phones.


Drunk & Drive Deterrence; PIC18F542 Microcontroller; Google Maps API; Smartphone Application; GPS and GSM Technology;


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