Nattadi Ramya, A.Rajni Kanth


Higher heat transfer rates and better cooling can be achieved by Axial Wicked Heat Pipes (AWHP) in comparison to conventional heat pipes due to increase in heat transfer area. Experiments were conducted to find the effect of variation in heat input and inclination angle on the performance of AWHP. SS304 was selected as the container material and water as the working fluid for AWHP. Inner surface of the outer pipe was covered with single layer of screen mesh wick. Surface and vapor temperatures were determined for various heat inputs and inclination angles at steady state conditions and isothermal characteristics of AWHP considering uniform heating application were found. Results concluded that with increase in heat input, the vapor temperature difference between the evaporator and condenser section decreases for all inclination angles of AWHP. The temperature difference between the evaporator and condenser end in axial direction is the least for vertical position of AWHP at all levels of heat input. This depicts the isothermal characteristic of concentric annular heat pipe. Thermal resistance decreased possibly due to enhancement in nucleate boiling activity and this improved the heat transfer with increase in heat input. Least thermal resistance was found at vertical position of AWHP.

The simple theory of the heat pipe states that the capillary pressure developed in the wick should be greater than the sum of the pressure drops in the vapor core and in the wick structure. If the heat pipe is not horizontal, then gravitational head will also play a role in the pressure balance. The analysis is done to 15 30 60 degree angles to extract maximum heat dissipation rate.


Concentric Annular Heat Pipe; Thermal Resistance; Inclination Angle; Isothermal Characteristics.


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