Dungala Ramya Jyothi, Mr. Ch. Venkata Anvesh


Present research is going on augmentation of Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers by using Passive techniques than the Active techniques, because they do not require direct input of External power. Inserts fitted inside the tubes come under passive technique. In this Study Heat transfer augmentation with mass in a circular tubes has been investigated without inserts and with inserts which are rectangular inserts of 5mm thickness are being fitted across the flow direction at equal distances from each other along the length at following inlet velocities of  0.04m/s, 0.08 m/s, 0.12 m/s. The Combinations are composed of without insert, and two inserts. An 800mm long pipe with 26mm inner diameter 30mm outer diameter considered in our simulation. A constant heat flux is generated at the boundary layer of the tube close to the flowing fluid around the boundary layer. The purpose of using inserts is to scatter the fluid particles in laminar flow which increases the heat transfer with Reynolds number.


CFD Analysis;Pro-E;ANSYS; Velocity


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