Golagana V Lovaraju, Mr. B Bapi Raju


Pressure vessel cylinders find wide applications in thermal and nuclear power plants, process and chemical industries, in space and ocean depths, and fluid supply systems in industries. Good design practice is allowable pressure for weld strength expressed as weld efficiency. Efficiency is defined as the ratio of longitudinal (axial) strength of a welded joint to the longitudinal strength of pipe or tank shell. In this thesis, the pressure vessel is designed according to the weld efficiency and analyzed for its strength using Finite Element analysis software ANSYS. Mathematical correlations will be considered for the design of pressure vessel whose design parameters are specified by a company according to the required weld efficiency. Modeling will be done in Pro/Engineer. Structural and fatigue analysis will be done in ANSYS on the welded joint of pressure vessel for different weld efficiencies.


Pressure Vessel;Weld Efficiencies;CREO;ANSYS; Linear Layer Analysis;


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