Kambham Chinnareddy, C.Raghunatha Reddy


A Planetary or Epicyclical Gear Trains comprises of one or more planet gears revolving around a sun gear. Usually, an epicyclical gearing systems are employed to achieve high reduction ratio in a small and power dense package. It is examined that load sharing capability is not equal in the planetary gear train. These Gear Trains are extensively used for the transmission and are the most critical component in a mechanical power transmission system. They play a very vital role in all the industrial areas, any failure in the gear train leads to a total system failure, thus identifying the causes and optimizing to get the best performance is very necessary. The advantages of epicycle gear trains are higher torque capacity, lower weight, small size and improved efficiency of the planetary design. Planetary gear transmissions are compact, high power transmitting speed reductions technology. Structural analysis of three stage coupled planetary gear train is reviewed. This analysis depicts the fast and easy determination of the speed ratio, torques, and efficiency and power flow directions of coupled planetary gear trains. Three stage efficiency determined. 3D modeling done in CREO parametric software and analysis is done in ANSYS.


Gears; Epicycle Gear Trains ; CREO; ANSYS;


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