B Umadevi, K Sree Vidya


Home Automation agency is growing hastily; that is fuelled with the resource of providing helping structures for the elderly and the disabled, in particular people who live alone. Coupled with this, the world population is confirmed to be getting old. Home automation systems need to comply with the own family necessities and comfort of utilization. The GSM modem is used to ship the alert messages to the user if any of the sensors fees goes beyond the brink degree. All the sensor stages and the overall huge style of devices fed on had been sent to the predefined net web page with the aid of the use of using the Wi-Fi module. The Wi-Fi module changed into interfaced to the controller via the UART port. The emergency transfer supplied became to get the reputation of all of the sensors values inside the form of SMS.


WIFI Module; GSM Modem; UART port; threshold Level;


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