M. Alekhya, K. Chandra Sekhar


: Flat-plate collectors, developed by Hottel and Whillier in the 1950s, are the most common type. They consist of (1) a dark flat-plate absorber, (2) a transparent cover that reduces heat losses, (3) a heat-transport fluid (air, antifreeze or water) to remove heat from the absorber, and (4) a heat insulating backing. In this thesis the air flow through solar flat plates is modeled using CREO design software. the thesis will focus on thermal and CFD analysis with different fluid air, water and different angles (900,300,450&600) of the solar flat plates. thermal analysis done for the solar flat plates by, aluminum & copper at different heat transfer coefficient values. These values are taken from CFD analysis. In this thesis the CFD analysis to determine the heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer rate, mass flow rate, pressure drop and thermal analysis to determine the temperature distribution, heat flux with different materials. 3D modeled in parametric software CREO and analysis done in ANSYS.


Solar Collector; Drying; Temperature ANSYS; CFD


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