A. Gowthami, A.Harsha Vardhan


This proposes an open review plan that supports data dynamics and fair arbitration of potential disputes. Cloud users no longer actually have their data, just how they ensure the integrity of the data being outsourced becomes a difficult task. Recently, proposed plans, for example, "possess verifiable data" and "recovery tests" have been implemented to address this problem, but are being performed to review static file data, which for this reason does not support sufficient data dynamics. In addition, threat models typically assume a true data owner and focus on the discovery of a dishonest cloud company, although customers also misbehave. In particular, we designed a catalog selector to eliminate the limitation of the use of indexes in calculating labels in current schemas and to obtain effective management of information dynamics. The security analysis shows that our plan may be safe, and the performance evaluation shows that the overloading of information dynamics and arbitration in disputes is reasonable. To address the equity issue to ensure that no party is acting without disclosure, we expand existing threat models and adopt the idea of ​​signature exchange to create fair arbitration protocols to ensure that any possible dispute can be resolved in a fair manner.


Integrity Auditing; Public Verifiability; Dynamic Update; Arbitration; Fairness;


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