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With the constant increase in vehicular traffic, existing traffic management solutions have become inefficient. Urbanization has led to an increase in traffic jam and accidents in major cities. In order to accommodate the growing needs of transport systems today, there is a need for an Intelligent Transport System. A new system using RFID in Roadside Unit (RSU) can be used by which, count of vehicles in a lane is taken and if the count is beyond a set threshold, congestion is said to have happened and information and warning on congestion is provided in a webpage using the information collected from the Wi-Fi Module in the RSU. An ambulance unit consisting of a push button can be used by the ambulance driver in case of emergency where the traffic is so heavy that the ambulance cannot go through. By pressing the button, traffic light is made to show green for a certain time period and in case of a junction, the other traffic lights are adjusted accordingly to avoid accidents. After a certain delay, traffic lights return to their normal operation. In a school zone, the RSU establishes connection with a vehicle that enters the zone and controls the speed of the motor within the limit allowed in that zone in case the vehicle has crossed the speed limit. Once the vehicle leaves the zone and the connection is terminated the vehicle speed returns to normal.


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