J Narsaiah, S Mohan Kumar, Ch Nagarjuna


As an environmentally first rate refrigerant, CO2 has acquired growing interest. Different establishments and businesses have superior CO2 compressors for unique packages. Some small CO2 compressors had been superior in Japan for the use in domestic warmth pump water heater and vehicle air-conditioner. The self-acting valve has a remarkable have an impact at the performance and reliability of the reciprocating compressor. In the trans-crucial CO2 cycle, the huge density and immoderate-strain distinction throughout the valve cause excessive bending and impact pressure within the valve, imparting incredible disturbing situations for a hit valve layout.  In this undertaking, analytical investigations are made to determine the thermodynamic normal performance of the compressor. While various design parameter compressor pace 60m/s, 80m/s, 100m/s and 120m/s, the motion of the release valve within the reciprocating CO2 compressor is measured so as to investigate the most factors that have an impact at the valve dynamics. Three-d model of the valve is completed in Pro/Engineer and CFD assessment and thermal evaluation is finished on the discharge valve in Ansys. Thermal assessment is finished via varying the materials Stainless Steel, En8 Steel and Cast Iron.


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