Mohammad Jameel, Dr. Sridhara Reddy


The cooling structures contain a condenser that expels the unwanted heat of the radiator and exchanges heat from the outside. The primary part of the condenser is usually the curvature of the condenser, which flows through the radiator. Since the curl of the condenser contains a coolant that is absorbed warm from the air it covers, the refrigerant temperature must be higher than the air temperature. In this proposal, heat exchange is controlled by convection in the cooling by changing the length of the condenser by CFD and heat research. The evaluation is performed in a condensed air-cooled tube for the steam pressure cycle of the cooling system. Materials used in pipes are a combination of copper and aluminum. The refrigerant will be R 12. A CFD is conducted to determine temperature and heat exchange rates when refrigerants change. An investigation is performed in heat exchange in the condenser to evaluate the best materials.


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