Agnihothri Jyothsna, C Siva


Unlike the existing certified structures such as Jump List and Markel Tree, we design a single documented structure known as the Tree Homomorphism Authenticated Tree. We provide additional information on PoS and PoS dynamics. When the checker wants to determine the integrity of the file, it randomly picks up some of the file indexes in the file and sends it to the cloud server. From a better understanding, any Dynamic PoS application does not support this method. We have developed a new tool known as HAT, excellent authentication architecture. We have proposed excellent requirements for multi-user cloud storage and introduced the dynamic version of PoS. The current Dynamic PoSs cannot be extended to a multi-user environment. Because of the diversity of structures and the generation of posters, the current system cannot be extended to Dynamic PoS. A multi-user cloud storage system requires a security-based reduplication technology that allows a person to ignore the upload and file acquisition process immediately when other file owners send an identical cloud server. To reduce communications costs in both the storage phase and the reduplication phase by focusing on the same account cost. We show safety in our construction, as well as theoretical analysis and experimental results show that our building is used efficiently. In this paper, we introduce the concept of dynamic copy able storage proofs and propose an efficient creation known as DeyPoS to achieve simultaneous redundancy by PoS and simultaneous elimination of duplicate user data.


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