T Neelima, A Shraban Kumar


Unlike the existing independent structures, for example, skip list and Merkle tree, we form a unique, certified structure known as the Homomorphism Authenticated Tree. We provide additional information about PoS and Dynamic PoS. When the checker determines file integrity, select some of the cluster indexes from the file, and then assign it to the cloud server. According to our understanding, do not support any of these points. We developed a new tool known as HAT, which is an excellent visual structure. We proposed the best of what is needed in multi-user cloud storage systems and introduced the dynamic type of PoS. The current dynamic service points cannot be extended to the multilateral domain. Due to the structural difference and the problem of creating tags, the current system cannot be extended to Dynamic PoS. A company in a multi-user company wants a secure user-side duplication technique, where a person shreds the screen saver and owns the files immediately, if other owners of the same files send them to your cloud server. To reduce communication costs in both the service phase demonstration and the duplication phase that focus on the same cost of earning. We maintain the safety of our structures, and also show the theoretical analysis and experimental results that our structure has used effectively. In this paper, we propose the idea of ​​replicating dynamic storage and proposing a competitive build known as DeyPoS, to achieve dynamic PoS and duplicate security for the mixed user at one time.


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