Design Of High Performance Comparator Using Mixed Logic Line Decorder



This paper presents a combined reasoning layout method for line decoders, by combining pass transistor double worth logic, transmission gateway logic and also fixed complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. Two brand-new geographies are presented for the 2-4 decoders, a 14-transistor geography aiming on reducing transistor matter and also power dissipation and also a 15-transistor topology aiming above power-delay efficiency. In each instance both normal as well as inverting decoders are applied, yielding a total amount of four brand-new designs. Moreover, by utilizing mixed-logic 2-4 decoders integrated with basic CMOS blog post decoder, designed 4 new 4-16 decoders. All proposed decoders have full-swinging capability and also reduced transistor matter compared to their traditional CMOS equivalents. Finally, a variety of comparative EZ wave simulations at the 130nm (PYXIS GDK) shows that the recommended circuits provide a substantial improvement in power and delay, exceeding CMOS in almost all situations.


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