Estimating Potential Operational Cost Savings by Migrating On-Premises to Cloud: A Study using Amazon TCO



In order to use Amazon TCO(Total cost of ownership) calculator to compute the company operational cost saving by migrating on-premises, Colocation workloads to the AWS cloud, we started investigating the case studies showing on the AWS web page. Cases are categories by either company type or by solution. Data are gathered from Amazon webpage. The following reports are from TCO calculator to show the IT cost savings based on both qualitative and quantitative methods. By solution, the parameters like Big Data, Data Center Migration, Enterprise Solutions, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and Web & Mobile Apps are normally considered. By company the parameters like type and size, Enterprises, Startup and Public Sector are considered.


TCO; Operational Cost; Migration On Premises; AWS Cloud; Qualitative Methods; Quantitative Methods; Big Data; Financial Services; IoT;


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