Cloud Services with A Biometric Authentication Method And Privacy Protection



In recent years, biometric identification has grown in popularity. With the rise of cloud computing, database owners are compelled to outsource huge amounts of biometric data and identification chores to the cloud in order to save money on storage and processing, but this poses a risk to users' privacy. We provide a biometric identification outsourcing method that is both efficient and private. Biometric information is encrypted and sent to a cloud server. The database owner encrypts the query data before sending it to the cloud to perform biometric identification. The cloud conducts ID operations over the encrypted database and provides the results to the owner of the database. A careful security analysis shows that the approach suggested is safe even if attackers can make identity requests and collaborate with the cloud. The suggested system provides higher performance in both preparation and identification operations in comparison with the prior protocols.


Cloud Computing; Data Outsourcing; Privacy-Preserving;


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