Kavya Sharat, Dr.B.V. Uma, Sagar D.M


With increasing on chip complexities the on chip area is a major concern. Today users desire every gadget to be small enough, particularly the hand held systems.CORDIC is one such algorithm which serves this purpose.CORDIC algorithm has become a widely used approach to elementary function evaluation when silicon area is a primary concern.CORDIC is more economical than DSP algorithms both in terms of area and power consumption.This paper presents how to calculate sine and cosine values of the given angle using CORDIC algorithm. Abrief description of the theory behind the algorithm is also given. Summary of CORDIC synthesis results based on Xilinx FPGAs is given. The system simulation was carried out using Xilinx ISE Design Suite13.1. The system is implemented using Virtex5 XC5VF70T FPGA  with Xilinx ISE12.1 and Verilog Hardware Description Language .


CORDIC; sine; cosine; FPGA; synthesis


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