Padma Sravanthi Kattumulla, T. Sreedevi, Mr. M. Basha


Automated utility meters contain numerous novel features that assist to decrease the outlay of utilities to clients and outlay of distributing utilities towards utility contributor. Electronic utility meters are significant move in the direction of automating process of utility metering. Quite a lot of transmission protocols in wired or wireless method were set up to interpret digital meters distantly at dissimilar areas. A novel approach of using energy measurement method that includes GSM network as a represent of transmitting energy information is additionally applicable. Projected system in support of energy billing is involuntary, do not necessitate human attempt to interpret the meter, user can unswervingly recognize the quantity he has to give at instance of bill preparation and can still give total online. The usage of GSM in meticulous system makes available abundant benefits over methods that were before used.


GSM network; Electronic utility meters; Wireless method; Digital meters;


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