R. Ganesh, N.S.Kalyan Chakravarthi


Static synchronous compensators (STATCOM) are used in power systems to improve voltage and reactive power flow in the system. Properly controlled Intelligent STATCOMs can also provide damping to power system oscillations. Increasing amount of wind turbine is connected to electrical power system in order to mitigate the negative environmental consequence of conventional electricity generation. While connecting wind turbine to grid it is important to understand source of disturbance that affect the power quality. In general voltage & frequency must be kept as stable as possible. This stability can be obtained by using FACTS devices. Recently voltage-source or current-source inverter based various FACTS devices have been used for flexible power flow control, secure loading and damping of power system oscillation. The power arising out of the wind turbine when connected to a grid system concerning the power quality measurements, are: active power, reactive power, voltage sag, voltage swell, flicker, harmonics, and electrical behavior of switching operation. However, in a wider sense Fuzzy Logic is almost synonymous with the theory of Fuzzy sets, a theory which relates to classes of objects with un sharp boundaries in which membership is a matter of degree. In this paper fuzzy logic controller is used for controlling the DC capacitor voltage. Simulations using MATLAB / SIMULINK are carried out to verify the performance of the proposed controller.


Fuzzy; Wind power; distribution network; induction generator; STATCOM; reactive power; harmonics; Power quality;


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