S. Narendar, U. Sivaji


We have addressed authoritative problem of de-duplication above data in public cloud in our work. Established de-duplication methods cannot preserve different authorization duplicate check, which is important in numerous applications. These methods on basis of convergent encryption, even though providing privacy to a certain amount, do not support duplicate check with different privileges. No differential privileges were considered in de-duplication on basis of convergent encryption. In recent times construction was provided which consist of twin clouds for confined outsourcing of data and subjective computations towards an un-trusted commodity cloud. Methods of hybrid cloud were provided to sustain privacy-aware data-intensive computing. We introduce hybrid cloud design comprising of public cloud as well as a private cloud for solving of de-duplication difficulty with different privileges in cloud computing. Dissimilar from conventional data de-duplication systems, private cloud is concerned as a proxy for allowing data owner to securely execute duplicate check with different privileges. This is an effective design in support of data de-duplication including twin clouds such as public cloud and private cloud within cloud computing and such architecture is realistic and has been paying much attention.


De-duplication; Encryption; Hybrid cloud; Cloud computing; public cloud;


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