Umashankar Saketharaman


Big Data Analytics has gained prominence in the recent days by offering capability to analyze huge data from organized and unstructured sources and thus helping businesses on decision making based on many insights that were otherwise hidden in the piles of data. Product life-cycle and its management is poised to take big leverage of this new technology that could help organizations to make informed decision on product strategy, roadmap, investment plans and thus could ensure they stay close to product growth and customer satisfaction which otherwise seemed a bit contra-objectives earlier. All through the different stages of product life-cycle, big data analytics and the techniques could be employed to be able to describe, predict and prescribe right action and the paper dwells on this in detail


Big Data, Analytics, Product life-cycle, Product management


Big Data means big challenges in life cycle management by James Kobielus

Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services:2012-2016 by IDC Market analysis

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