Naveen Kumar, S A Gowri Sankar, M Naveen Kumar, Polabathula Manikanta, V Sakthi Aravind


Cloud internet applications have recently attracted a large number of users in the Internet. With the invention of these cloud internet applications, it is inefficient to allocate maximum number of participants in real time group auction system. So an efficient approximation algorithm is proposed with the improved combinatorial double auction protocol. It is developed to enable different kinds of resource distribution among multiple users and providers. At the same time it includes more number of participants in an auction. Due to the NP-hardness of binary integer programming for resource distribution in a real time group auction system, the improved approximation algorithm is proposed to deal with np-hardness and to obtain the optimal solution. Participant honesty is necessary to ensure auction trustfulness.


Cloud computing; Approximation Algorithm; Resource allocation;


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