D. Sravani, P. Giridhar


Previous systems cannot support differential authorization duplicate check, in several applications. In the recent times, structural design was offered that consisting of twin clouds for effective outsourcing of data as well as arbitrary computations towards an untrustworthy commodity cloud. With the introduction of cloud computing, efficient secure data deduplication has attracted much concentration in recent times from research community. Data deduplication is a committed data compression technique that is generally introduced for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating storage data. Distinct from established systems, private cloud is offered as a proxy towards permitting data owner to securely execute duplicate check by differential privileges and hence this architecture is useful and has attracted much consideration from researchers.   In our work we solve difficulty of deduplication by differential privileges within cloud computing, we imagine a hybrid cloud structural design consisting of a public cloud and private cloud. 


Cloud computing; Public cloud; Outsourcing; twin clouds; Data storage;


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