A Prasanna Lakshmi, N.H.Iffath Anjum


An embedded method is some combination of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capacity or prrr-rrrglable, that's particularly created for the kind of application device. Embedded systems that are prrr-rrrglable are provided getting a programming interface, and embedded systems programming can be a specialized occupation. This project proposes a parallel parking system for urban conditions. This project uses numerous technologies, cooperating to use a reliable parking system. The job uses technologies like Eco location using IR Sensors, wireless communication using GSM and microcontrollers to use the using. While using economy growing and cars more and more cost effective for people, a completely new problem originates up, inside the recent occasions, obtaining a parking spot for the cars. Most of the true in urban centres, where the population density is very high as well as the strength of cars may also be high. The device features a small embedded system, IR sensor plus a GSM module to complete communication while using outdoors world. The device was shown to be effective when requiring information remotely around the cell phone via SMS.


Embedded System; Programming Interface; IR Sensor; Wireless Communication; GSM Module; Microcontrollers; Parking System


Based Vehicle Parking System Using GSM and RFID Technology”, 2013 International Journal of Engineering Research and Application (IJERA) number is: 495 – 498.

K.Sushma, P.Raveendra Babu and J.Nageshwara Reddy, “Reservation

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Elizabeth Sebastian, George Joseph, Dhanesh R, Cyril Baby and Cherian Mathew

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