Yaswanth Sai Jaladanki, A Suman kumar Reddy


This paper presents a smart traffic control system to avoid traffic congestion and to allow the emergency vehicles to pass with high priority. The main aim of this project is to implement the smart traffic control system to prevent and control of blockade, emergency vehicle detection and identification of stolen vehicle. An RFID tag is implanted on every vehicle such that it is impossible to remove or destroy the tag. These RFID tags are scanned by using the RFID scanner, NSK EDK-125-TTL and ARM7 LPC2148 microcontroller. The number of vehicles that cross the particular predefined path in certain duration will be specified and hence congestion is prevented or controlled by determining the necessary green light duration. If the RFID tag (Identification number) belonging to any stolen vehicle is identified by the RFID scanner at traffic signal junction, then the respective way will be blocked and also a SMS will be sent to the owner as well as the police control room by using the GSM SIM900 regarding the location of identified stolen vehicle. The emergency vehicle approaching the signal will be identified using RF modules on ARM7 LPC248 microcontroller which establish the wireless communication between the emergency vehicle and the controller unit at the traffic signal junction. The model is developed in such a way that if two emergency vehicles are approaching the junction from two different directions, then the emergency vehicle which is at shortest distance and first established the communication with master kit at the signal is allowed to cross the junction first by giving the green signal where the second one is given with green signalimmediately after the first vehicles crosses the junction.


GSM; RFID; RF; Traffic; Congestion; Emergency Vehicle; Stolen


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