P. Sukumar, T. Aparna


For every parent, security of the child is very important, and they are unable to feel comfortable until child resumed back to home safely. Present systems are not omnipotent enough to track the incomprehensible child quickly. However the existing system gives the information pertaining to incomprehensible kid, when he/she present in only school campus and but not beyond the school campus. Since to supervise the child’s location by the parents manually is not feasible all the time. If has to do, it postulates a so much of time which ultimately consequences in the devastation of valuable functional time. Here I proposed a  GPS based system that will render current location of child/person to their concerned parents, when he faces any contends of anti social elements like kidnapping,  preterm ting the route and causing illness in anywhere in the mid-way of journey, then it insinuates to the parents. This system is a two unit system and has characteristics of high reliability, fast response time and high accuracy. In This system direct interaction between child module and parent receiver. Here transmitter is nothing but child module which is having GPS, GSM and temperature sensor and pulse sensor. The module consists RFID tag having information about child and it gives the presence of child automatically. By using this system, the guardians of children can view children’s position, which helps to ensure the safety of children in daily life.


ARDUINO microcontroller; Temperature sensor; Heart rate sensor; GSM and GPS


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