B. Lokapavani, S. Umamaheshwar


The created in-vehicle device works using GPS module and Global system for mobile communication / General Packet Radio Service (GSM/GPRS) technology that is one   the most common ways for vehicle monitoring. The suggested system made good use of a typical technology that mixes a Smart phone application obtaining ARM processor. This will be easy to make and inexpensive in comparison to other people. A dependable vehicle monitoring technique is designed and implemented for monitoring the movement connected getting equipped vehicle within the location anytime. Being used a part of the vehicle whose position is made the decision and supervised in solid-time. The vehicle monitoring system uses the GPS module to get geographic coordinates at regular time intervals. The GSM/GPRS module is used to transmit and update the vehicle location to a database. A Smartphone application is also developed for continuously monitoring the vehicle location. The Google Maps API is used to display the vehicle on the map in the Smartphone application.


Vehicle Tracking; ARM Processor; GPS Module; GSM Modem; Google Maps API;Smart Phone Application


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